Red and Green Science on Rails – Factorio RailWorld

❓📺 What happened in this episode?

Sadly cam was broken on this stream, will be back in the next episode 😉 After some major power problems, we finally can start to put some Science on our Railnetwork. We still need 2 more, but that will come soon and with the upcoming Logistic Chests everything will be easier for our Construction Robots.

🎮 What is Factorio about?

Factorio is a game focused on building a base to launch a rocket into space. You want to automate as much as you can, but you’ll always find a new bottleneck! That bottleneck needs more production, so more automation, but that needs something else! How big can your factory grow?

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If you want to read more about Factorio here is list of interesting articles:

Factorio – Game Sheet

After our ship crashes on a planet during free play, we must gather the resources around us to launch a rocket into space and ask for help. While our main focus is building and mining, we must also prepare ourselves to fight against the natives who occupy the planet we’re on.

At first glance, the game can be a little overwhelming for beginners. If you are not a gaming machine, an adaptation phase, and the slight learning curve will be natural at the start. We are revisiting the game after almost two years, and we will embark on our journey to relearn the game.

DeveloperWube Software LTD.
PublisherWube Software LTD.
Release DateAugust 14, 2020
GenresAutomation, Base Building, Resource Management, Sandbox, Crafting, Strategy, Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Survival, Management, 2D, Moddable, Pixel Graphics
Wube Software 2016
Wube Software 2016
Wube Software 2016
Wube Software 2016
Main Bus Overview with Red Science, Green Circuit, Green Science, Medium Power Poles, Large Power Poles and Piercing Rounds - Factorio
Wube Software 2016
Wube Software 2016

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