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Tainted Grail: Conquest has a lot of content and plenty of mechanics to get along with it. So here I am going to talk about healing in the game. The game can be unforgiving sometimes, and since you lose almost everything when you die, you must focus on not doing that. So hopefully this helps you survive longer during your runs.

The most reliable way of healing is to use your starting healing mixtures or buy more. These can be upgraded at the Lost Soul so they heal more. Other items to heal you are:

  • Meat – heal for 5, can be obtained from shop, battles and hunting grounds
  • Wyrdstone Heart – After killing a boss you can use this item to heal yourself for 50%
  • Stagfathers charm – heal or die 😀

You can also equip your armor and weapons with runes, and some of these runes offer some type of healing:

  • Os – if equipped with your weapon, will heal you for 1% after killing any enemy, and if it is equipped with your armor, it will heal you by 5% after combat.
  • Calc – heals you for 5 after each combat if equipped in an armor slot
  • Lor – Your First Hit in a turn has 10% lifesteal
  • Ing – Every enemy has a 10% chance to drop a healing mixture on death


While on a run, you can also get some encounters that can heal you:

  • Of course you can Rest at the Lost Soul in the Village to heal 100%
  • If you come across the All-Mother’s Altar, you can talk to a priestess and ask her to heal you. She also offers to teach you a skill.
  • You can also meet with the Manasse, a mysterious and weird entity, while the being isn’t exactly a witch, it also doesn’t seem to be human. You can ask it for plenty of stuff, and if you want to be healed, it will fully restore your HP.
  • In your journey, you can come across the Hunting Grounds. When in it, you can either be greeted by the hunters or have to go through combat first. After that, you can ask to be healed, and continue on your way.
  • In the Ancient Gravestone, you can find yourself in many different encounters, and some of them can heal you. You can come across a cat, by either feeding or petting it, you will be healed.  When walking in the cemetery, you can also randomly receive some healing.
  • At some point, you will come across an NPC called the Seamstress. And at the end of your first encounter with her, you can ask her to sew your body, and doing so will heal you a little bit. Now every time you find her, you can ask her to sew your body, and get some HP.
  • The Milestone is an encounter that can also end up giving you some HP. You can come across it on your journey, and it is a mysterious-looking stone. When interacting with it, you will be given four options. If you want to be healed, you must choose to receive a blessing, and it can either boost your damage or armor for your next encounter, or it can heal you.
  • If you meet the scientist one of the potions can increase you max health. That one also heals you the same amount.
  • The fountain of health heals you for free. If you are greedy and can win the fight afterwards you also get a 100% heal.
  • But some encounters can be risky. If you come across The Forgotten Chest, you can choose to open it but do so at your own risk. The chest will either give you some random reward, or some kind of punishment. If you are lucky, you can maybe receive three healing mixtures.
  • Another risky one is the Tainted Altar. Because if you want to be rewarded, you must first make some sacrifices. And those sacrifices are human livers. After completing certain quests, you will be able to receive better rewards from your sacrifices. 

I hope this helped you out a little bit, and that the next time you play the game, you will know how to heal properly. With games like these, healing is essential, and you must always focus on trying to maintain pretty decent health so that you don’t die and have to start another run, as that can be a bit frustrating. For beginners, Tainted Grail can be a bit overwhelming, so I hope this can make help you a bit, and make it that you play the game even more. So now go and face another run, and if needed, keep this open so that you can use it to help you! Buy some potions, and good luck out in the Wyrdness.

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Tainted Grail: Conquest – Game Sheet

Your life as it was, is no more. You awake on hearing the voice of a goat person? Strange monsters are conjured and now you have to fight? Whats happening? Lets explore! And that exploration is kinda unique for a card based rogue-like. You can travel through the land and decide which fight to take and when. But if you take too much time the Wyrdness will come get you. A mist that will not let you escape.

DeveloperAwaken Realms Digital
PublisherAwaken Realms Digital
Release DateMay 27, 2021
GenresRPG, Choices Matter, Deckbuilding, Roguelike, Indie, Dark Fantasy, Card Game, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, CRPG, Turn-Based Combat, Survival
Character Selection Screen Wyrdhunter - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Blood Mage vs Double Golem Boss - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Card Removal - Options at the Tainted Altar - Tainted Grail: Conquest
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Awaken Realms Digital 2021

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