Pyromaniac only Colony??? Don’t get burned!!! – RimWorld (Copy)

What happened in this episode?

Cassie our Pyromaniac Overlord does decide that “Oh, i don’t like that person, lets first patch him up and then lay down some fire, hihihi…” 😀 MADNESS! Pure MADNESS! Can we still survive this inferno?!?!

Challenge Rules?

In this Challenge we will only accept colonists with the Pyromaniac Trait.

If they don’t have that trait, we are allowed to send them on an “important” mission, imprison them or sell them. Later with the Ideology Expansion we are also allowed to keep them as slaves. But slaves are only allowed if we are almost losing. As soon as we have 3 people again, no slaves allowed anymore.

What is RimWorld?

After having their space liner crash into a planet, they must now build a new colony to survive! Right at the start, four different modes can be chosen, but for this run, we will choose the classic/story mode. In it, we have more resources available to us, and we start with three people on our crew.

In this colony, we will have to manage our crew, as they can get sick and hurt, as we will have to fight off against pirates, animals, hostile tribes, among other enemies. As our colonies grows, we can also take in refugees and add them to our crew. How will we survive? What will happen? We will see!


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