Legend of Keepers – Review

What is Legend of Keepers about?

Legend of Keepers is a mix of Dungeon Defender and Roguelites made by Goblinz Studio. The bad heroes are coming to get fame, honor and all our belongings. But they haven’t anticipated us! Our mission is to manage and defend the dungeon, build traps and command monsters to stop those pesky humans. Paired with a huge amount of humor and different events each run will be different.


  • Very funny campaign
  • A great soundtrack
  • Huge amount of different events, heroes, traps and monsters
  • 3 playable dungeons masters:
    • Maug the Slaveholder Centaur
    • Sarel the Druid Enchantress
    • Lira the Monkey Engineer
  • Steam Achievements

How to play Legend of Keepers ?

At the start of the game you’ve to go through a tutorial. Its a simplified version of the game, but could have included more of the real Gameplay. But to get a better first look we will have a look at the first mission with Maug the Slaveholder. On the mission selection screen we have the choice between different missions and unlockable dungeon masters. Additionally we can have a look at Maug’s Talents. This is kind of progression where we can unlock different bonuses. Each time Maug gets a new level, he gets a new point for his talent tree.

At the start of the first mission we’re introduced to a little backstory. On our weekly calendar we can see the upcoming events. We’ll see up to 2 weeks ahead. For the current week we could choose between 3 events, but for now there is only a fight. After choosing the fight will instantly start. Before that lets have look at our monster screen. We can access the monster screen with clicking on the monster icon on the top of the screen.

A small tutorial explains that monsters do have to rest, too. So if a monster is defeated, it will lose 1 or 2 stacks of motivation. If the motivation reaches 0, then the monster has to rest for 10 weeks. While the monster has to rest, it is not available, so be careful!

Additionally we can choose which monster goes into which room, but for now it will be alright to let it be. Onto the fight!

Now we have the first real battle. The dungeon layout will be generated randomly. What rooms do we have now?

  • 2 monster roomsIn a monster room we can place 3 of our monsters.
  • 2 trap roomsIn a trap room 1 trap can be placed
  • 1 spell roomOur dungeon master can unleash a powerful spell.
  • 1 dungeon masterIf the heroes still survive, then we have to face them with our dungeon master. Our last defense!

Additionally there are 2 room types later in the game. For the sake of completeness I’ll add these now:

  • rest roomA rest room is bad for us. Morale or Health can be healed for the heroes, or all status effects can be removed. Really bad!
  • disaster roomA disaster is good for us and bad for the heroes. Sometimes a “natural” disaster can occur.

As soon as we’ve placed our monsters and traps we can start the battle. In a monster room we get control our monsters.

On the left side of the screen is an indicator showing the turn order. This turn order is based on the speed of the units which can be seen in the bottom, indicated by the two arrows pointing upwards. Yegs has a speed of 120, so extremely fast. On his turn we can choose between 2 attacks. “Goblin Trick” attacks the heroes in the back and deals 35 physical damage. Physical damage will be calculated against the armor resistance. An example:

  • Resistance 0 and 35 damage -> 35 damage
  • Resistance -100 and 35 damage -> 70 damage
  • Resistance +100 and 35 damage -> 17 damage

In order to deal a huge amount of damage we have to remember the heroes resistances. The same goes for decreasing the dealt damage for our monsters.

Our 2nd attack can hit the front heroes and deal 35 nature damage with poison 3. Nature damage is calculated against nature resistance, just like physical damage. Poison 3 does mean, that on the heroes turn he’ll get 5×3 damage. After the damage the stack is decreased by 1. Next turn it will be 5×2 damage and so on.

There are 2 choices to deal with heroes. First is to kill them by reducing their health to 0. The second solution is to reduce there morale to 0 and then they will flee. Additionally if morale hit 75%, 50% or 25% we will deal additional damage.

Since traps do not have logic, they will work automatically.

With a spell room we can choose one of three spells to cast. With Burning Whip we can do 60 fire damage and Burn 3. Burn and Frostbite will deal 5% damage calculated by the max. health. The stack will indicate how many turn the damage will be dealt.

At the end of the fight we get our rewards. We earn blood by killing, and tears by inspiring fear. Gold will be always there. While choosing the fight, we can earn different rewards. Those can be:

  • 1 out of 3 monsters
  • 1 out of 3 artefacts
  • 1 out of 3 upgrades for the dungeon master

Artefacts are ongoing buffs for the whole run. We can carry up to 5 of them. If we try to choose another one, we have to replace an old one.

Last but not least, all killed monsters will randomly lose 1 or 2 motivation.

After the first fight we can choose what to do. There are many different events we can choose from:

  • Adventure / Veterans / ChampionsThe next battle awaits. Veterans are harder and a Champion is even harder than that.
  • AlchemistYou can transform blood and tears into each other or both into gold.
  • Black MarketAuf dem Schwarzmarkt verkaufen wir eines unserer Monster gegen Gold.
  • Business TripOn a business trip you choose one of your monsters to protect a delegation. As reward we can get different things like blood, tears, gold, motivation or even an artefact.
  • CollectorsThe vampire tax collectors want to have your money… or your blood. If you give them blood or health from your dungeon master, you get the gold! Nice people 😀
  • CourseAn expert course for one of your monsters. In exchange for some gold a random monster gains 2 levels.
  • DoctorAn dungeon master has to go to the doctor too. And if he does some health is regained.
  • EngineerA shop for upgrading your traps.
  • Event A true event. Its randomly choosen and anything can happen. There are some events with follow ups, so keep an eye out for what you are choosing.
  • MerchantYou want new traps or monsters? Then have a look at his selection!
  • PlunderWith plundering three of our monsters go on an adventure. They’ll try to gain some rewards in exchange for something bad happening.
  • SiegeOur company demands some help in a siege. We can lend them a trap for some weeks in exchange for some gold. If we have 4 traps, then we can rent 2 of them for even more gold.
  • TherapistThe therapist will talk to our employees and give them back some motivation.
  • TrainerTraining your monsters is very important! In exchange for some gold, blood and tears a monster can gain a level. Each new level improves the monster and his skills.
  • WorkoutIf you choose to do a workout, you can upgrade your dungeon master.

If we choose to fight, then it will go like the previous battle.

After a run we do get some experience points for our dungeon master. For each level we do get a talent point. While fighting through the missions, we will unlock the next mission, the other two dungeon master, the endless mode and challenge mode.

After completing all 5 missions you unlock the endgame. The endgame does contain different modes:

  • Endless mode
    • You will prevails against an infinite horde or heroes. How long can you survive?
  • Configurable Missions
    • You can change the parameters for the different missions and make it harder or easier.
  • Twitch Integration
    • There is a cool Twitch integration. With that your community can decide which heroes you will face and if your monster or the heroes get a buff.
  • Modding
    • There are not many mods, but i think there will be more as time goes on.

My Conclusion

Easy Gameplay and a great soundtrack is something i really like. Its an interesting take on the roguelite franchise. I hope that the developers will continue to expand the game in the upcoming months. A big recommendation from me!

Where to buy?

Keywords and Explanations

  • Air/Ice/Fire/Nature Weakness
    • The corresponding resistance is reduced by 40%
  • Bleeding
    • A unit which is bleeding is dealt 5 damage per Stack.
  • Bounty
    • If a heroes with a bounty is killed the attacker will gain 2 motivation.
  • Broken Armor
    • Reduced the armor resistance by 40%.
  • Burn
    • A burning unit is dealt 5% damage of max health as fire damage.
  • Demoralised
    • Demoralised deals 5 morale per Stack.
  • Easy Target
    • A heroes with easy target will be hit with twice the damage dealt by the next trap
  • Electrified
    • The unit will be dealt 10-20 air damage per round
  • Elemental Resistance
    • All resistances are increased by 20%
  • Elemental Weakness
    • All resistances are decreased by 20%
  • Echanted Seed
    • If all stacks are removed the monster will transform into a treant with additional life points.
  • Enraged
    • An angry unit is a good unit. With Enraged a unit dealts 10% additional damage and morale per stack.
  • Flame Shield
    • If this unit is attacked, the attacker has to deal with Burn 2
  • Frostbite
    • A unit with Frostbite is dealt 5% damage of max health as ice damage.
  • Haste
    • Speed plus 40%.
  • Improved Armor
    • Armor Resistance is increased by 40%.
  • Indigestion
    • A rumbling deals 40 direct damage.
  • Multiaction
    • A trap will Multiaction is triggered twice.
  • Passive
    • A passive is a skill which is always active.
  • Poison
    • With poison we will deal 5 damage per stack as nature damage.
  • Poison Body
    • If a unit with Poison Body is killed, all other units will be affected with Poison 3.
  • Shell
    • Shell protects your unit. The damage is decreased by 20%.
  • Silence
    • Silent units can’t use their skills and passives.
  • Slowed
    • Speed is reduced by 40.
  • Stunned
    • A stunned unit can’t act for a turn
  • Terrified
    • A terrified unit is dealt and additional 50% morale.
  • Tiredness
    • If Tiredness is affecting your unit it deals 10% less damage per stack.
  • Vulnerable
    • A vulnerable unit will be affected by 30% more damage.

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Legend of Keepers – Game Sheet

Legend of Keepers is a mix of Dungeon Defender and Roguelites made by Goblinz Studio. The bad heroes are coming to get fame, honor and all our belongings. But they haven’t anticipated us! Our mission is to manage and defend the dungeon, build traps and command monsters to stop those pesky humans. Paired with a huge amount of humor and different events each run will be different.

DeveloperGoblinz Studio
PublisherGoblinz Publishing
Release DateApril 29, 2021
GenresRPG, Roguelike, Pixel Graphics, 2D, Dark Fantasy, Turn-Based Combat, Dungeon Crawler, Strategy, Management, Fantasy, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, Moddable
DLCReturn of The Goddess
Feed the Troll (No Releasedate yet)
Goddess choosing Mission 5 - Legend of Keepers
Goblinz Studio 2020
Copyright Goblinz Studio, 2021
Goblinz Studio 2020
Goblinz Studio 2020
Double Treant and Jubokko - Legend of Keepers
Goblinz Studio 2020
Copyright Goblinz Studio, 2021

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