A day in model region Eckernförde

Since 19th April 2021 Eckernförde was declared a model region for Corona. That means that all shops and restaurant can open with a concept. Even eating indoors with a negative Corona test. So I’ve told myself and my wife that we should use this time frame before the situation changes :D. After 1 year with Corona this will feel great.

Corono Quick Test - casual-ben
casual-ben, 2021
casual-ben, 2021

So in order to go, we had to do the testing first. The test was quite simple.

  • Sticking the test piece into the nose about 3cm deep. You know you’re right, if your you have the feeling of sneezing or your feeling uncomfortable.
  • Then roll or strike about 3-5 times to scratch some particles
  • Then the test piece goes into the test “juice”
  • Wait a minute 😀
  • Squeeze the test piece and then close the lid
  • Now you can squeeze 4 drops onto the test kit (see image)
  • Wait for 15 minutes for the results. My wife had a coffee and i had a tasty Koawach Vanille Drink

As expected our result was negative. So we take our confirmation and now we can leave.

King - Kanaria - Amazon Music
Amazon Music / Kanaria
Amazon Music / Kanaria

The bus was very crowded but our expectations to have a nice day outmatched our discomfort. It was ok with some great music through Amazon Music hearing “Kanaria – King” (Affiliate-Link). Such a great song!

Finally arrived in Eckernförde and we’ve met a friend which will accompany us. BUT the first message we’ve got was that the kitchen of the restaurant Luzifer has burned down. They still have to repair and are not open at the moment. Dammit that was our tradition!

Well well, we’ll find another restaurant to eat dinner. So first comes the shopping starting with Villa Tausendschön. Now we had the first contact with the new Corona rules.

Most of the shops in Eckernförde are using an App called “Luca”. If you do not have a smartphone, then you can still write your contact info in a list. So old school :D, therefore we’ve downloaded the app

Registration and Usage was easy.:

  • Enter your name, address and contact info
  • Give permissions to use location and camera. Looks like they will be used for tracking your location to auto logout of the location and camera to scan QR Codes
  • To register in the store, we had to scan the QR Code
  • To unregister our stay we just swiped left and told the system that we’ve left

Quite easy i think, so off we go!

A day in Eckernförde - casual-ben
A. Pahl 2021
A. Pahl 2021

After our visit to “Villa Tausendschön” we’ve visited “Herr Tausendschön” a companion store for men. I’ve found some nice shoes and shirt. Although my wife had to persuade me to buy the shoes. I’m not that into buying shoes. I have my daily pair and i’ll wear it until it gets torn apart 😀

  • Shirt is from a company called “Lindbergh” and feels great. Not too warm, nor too cold. If interested you can find it here finden. Size XL worked great for my 192cm
  • The shoes are from “Marc O’Polo” in size 46. Very comfortable. You can find them here (Affiliate-Link)

After some hours our tummy were grumbling, but first we had to go to a great shop. Who is going to visit Eckernförde, has to go to the “Bonbonkocherei”. Its a store for self made bonbons and chocolate. Most of the time you can watch them cooking. A great experience! I’ve bought so much chocolate that the clerk gave me an free extra bag of bonbon. Do i have to feel bad about this?! 😀

casual-ben by casual-ben
A. Pahl 2021

We had our lunch at “La Taverna al porto” which was over on the other street of the Bonbonkocherei. Before taking a seat we had to show our negative test confirmation, but then it was the same as before Corona. I’ve had a tasty pizza with hot salami with arugula (Rucola).

On our way back i had to get my bare feet wet 😀 In german there is a saying “Nur die Harten kommen in Garten”. It translates so that only the hardened ones go into the garden while its still cold. Water temp was about 8-9°C… that is alright for my feet 😀

While riding the bus back there was another great track

Aber nun geht es mit dem Bus nach Hause gab es wieder einen schönen Musik Track: “Hikarunara – Goose house” (Affiliate-Link). The song belongs to an anime called “Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso” oder “Your lie in april”. A really sad anime, but if you like it you might be able to watch it on Amazon Prime.

I’m done for the day, but it was so great and refreshing. Totally gonna do it again!

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